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OCTOPUSH - The underwater skater.

The Octopus lives in the sea to skate. Swimming is a myth. Down there, they Push all day and shred all night. This Cosmic Purple deck contains the engraved proof. Skateboarding connects all animals, fingerboarding connects us all!

BullGod 2nd Edition Decks gather all the knowledge acquired in the development of the 1st Ed. Decks and bring to life the best shape crafted by the brand. Featuring exclusive new designs, BullGod is here to make the difference fingerboarding needs.

Inside All Packages:

-32mm Cosmic Purple Deck

-100% Wood

-Increased Power

-Increased Pop & Control

-BullGod Tape

-BullGod Stickers

-More Extras

Complete Setups include trucks, bearing wheels, spacers, locknuts, screws and key.

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