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Bronson Speed Co. Jamie Foy Pro G3 Bearings

  • Brands Bronson
  • Product Code: Jamie Foy Pro Bearing G3
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The Bronson Speed Co. Jamie Foy Pro G3 Bearings will handle whatever you can dish out. Developed with intense research with an added taste to Jamie's liking, these bearings are your solution to your need for speed. Specifically designed to be more durable, faster and smoother than ever before.  


Deep Groove Raceways - Reduced side impact damage and breakage

Micro Groove Raceway Surface - Linear micro groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin

High Speed Ceramic Oil - Nano ceramic compounds for wear protection: Moisture, rust, corrosion resistant

Straight Edge Frictionless Shields - Keeps oil in and dirt/moisture out

Max Impact Cage Design - Keeps the balls precision spaced and oil circulating

Balls Out Technology - Eliminates shield and cage contact on impact for a go-fast, stay-fast bearing.

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