Since 92 with Love and Dedication

It is in 1992 when Jose Marques, better known as Bana, accepted a suggestion from his father for an opening of a surfboard shop.

Initially, the store in Carcavelhos had a little more than 18 m2, with a logo and a set of friends and swimwear, with a clothing and footwear streetwear styles, skatewear, surfwear, being a pioneer in the bet of more alternative brands in the market , with different products and many of them unique.

This difference was given in a friendship service but ended with the image of a very strong charisma concept, breaking the barrier of location.

Then came a seraglio of pilgrimage of many young people who proudly boasted a sticker on their surfboard or in their car. Bana is a step from one generation to another, and today there is the party of the children of an elderly woman who visits the store.

With the success in the sale of this type of articles, Bana gave origin to a line of its own that began to commercialize a pair of the following marks, essentially foreign.
Currently with 150m2 of store area, a main bet is concentrated in a huge diversity of footwear (+200 models on display), clothing and technical material (+150 floors on display), always with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.