At Bana, we have an important responsibility and commitment to the security of our site and the protection of the data of our customers and visitors. As if, by providing personal data to the Bank and / or through the website the user authorized that they were covered and the same by Bana under the terms and conditions below graph.

1. Scope of the Privacy Policy

Bana undertakes to maintain the confidentiality and all information stored by the user. This Privacy Policy is defined as a measure in progress throughout the text, based on data collected directly from the user or on the intermediate site, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Community level. The term 'Personal Data' refers to all personal information made by you or the Customer.

2. Receiving Data

At Bana, we collect the name, telephone number, postal address, e-mail address, as well as information on delivery address and payment details. These data will allow Bana to process your leftovers, notify you about important aspects of the site's features, and periodically e-mail information about products and services, campaigns, promotions and special offers. If the customer does not want to be contacted for this information, you can cancel a newsletter subscription in your personal account. Bana undertakes to protect customer data and not made available to third parties

3. Updating Your Information

In accordance with the Data Protection Law, all your rights have access, update, correction or exclusion of personal data. Whenever you want to do it, please contact us. If the customer wants to verify, update or correct the data submitted to Bana, they can do so in their personal account.

4. Links to Third Party Sites

The site may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites, which in our opinion may contain useful information. The privacy policy does not apply to such sites, just as a company does not have control sites and does not assume any responsibility for its data and privacy policy. We advise you to contact us for information about privacy policies, confidentiality agreements, and procedures for receiving and distributing data.

5. Cookies

By sending a notice, uses cookies to collect and store information. A "cookie" is a small data file that is placed on your computer and allows you to remember what your choices, dates, and previous paths are on the site. Using a "non-persistent cookies" technology to count visits to pages, allows us to analyze a usage of our site more accurately. If you do not use a "non-persistent cookies" technology, you do not need to obtain identifying information except with explicit authorization. So, the site requires the password and fill it with your ID and password, it allows us to use a "persistent cookie", that is, the access mode to this small data file.

6. Privacy Policy Updates

We are constantly improving our resources and new functionalities in the site, as well as to the existing services. Thus, due to changes and prominences in the evolution of technology itself, such as our practices, do not care about the progress of the process, but also change. When seeking any change to this Privacy Policy, Bane seeks to notify you or the Customer as a local authority in cases required by law. In cases that are not required by law, the company may be considered without prior notice.

7. Incorrections

Information on this site may contain inaccuracies of a technical and / or typographical nature.

8. Clarifications

In case of need anything, the policy can be contacted through the e-mail address [email protected] or directly contacting the customer service.

9. Notices, Changes and Cancellations of Services

Bana may have access to users via email, regular mail or news on your site. A WonderSmile reserves all and any right to an instant moment, suspend or terminate any service. The Bana are to change this website, from the site now.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

All of this category has this exclusive property of Bana: texts, images, or any other kind of information that is not from third parties. In this way, they are protected by the Direit Code.