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A Question of Style!

A Question of Style!

Streewear, Skatewear, Surfwear

The terms above portray a style of dress and a way of being in life. From the time of the industrial revolution, this way of dressing begins to win when the young people of the time feel the need to differentiate themselves in the way they dress compared to the previous generation, that is to say, in addition to wanting to differentiate in the way of dressing face to their parents, was also considered a form of expression and search for their own identity.

These forms of dress are influenced by urban tribes and sporting styles, originating in two distinct sites - England and the United States and by that time the Streewear reached a global spread. This scope is due to the fact that in parallel, not only did industry change, but also other sectors such as trade, science, society and communications underwent major changes. All this made it as if the target audience of young people at that time could not be left out of fashion.

All the changes in the way of dressing in these two places - London and USA, intensifies in the great urban centers under the influence of the cinema, television, and mainly Rock N 'Roll.

In the 80's, in LA comes the Stussy brand (one of the brands marketed in Bana) with representation in t-shirts of personalized designs of Surf and at that time quickly stands out among the surf brands and the small business becomes viral.

This example is one of many that made streetwear become an international phenomenon, just like the first skate shops, creating at that time clothing brands that represented that style and way of living.

Nowadays many people known, from surfers, skaters, celebrities, singers among others are great influencers in the world of streewear, skaterwear and surfwear. For the way of being and dressing of these people continues to influence the new generations and these seek for the creation of personality in the way they dress.

Some of the more well-known brands by Streetwear, we have the Stussy, Vans, Adidas Originals.

Nowadays Streetwear is a set of elements of different culture and in this way makes each brand has its own identity and a set of infinite options to create combinations to dress.

Taking into account the fashion cycles within these forms of dressing, some pieces continue to be what we call classics and that last in time and pass from generation to generation such as - Jeans pants, oversized shirts, straight flap caps, socks, among others.

The combinations and way of dressing associated with these styles and way of being in life these days are more than many.